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Winter - All Season Tyres

Confidence in your cars handling is inspired in any condition by tyre performance and here at Tawse Tyres we appreciate the importance of having suitable tyres fitted to your vehicle in order for you enjoy the very best performance from your tyres during the winter months and at any time of the year. Winter and All season tyres have many differing design features than a standard or summer tyre not to mention differing t rubber compounds that have different optimum operating temperature ranges - i.e they work more effectively in the case of winter tyres in temperatures of or below +7 degrees centigrade. They also feature differing tread block design. The tread blocks have serrated edges specifically designed to exit slush and slow more effectively than a standard summer tyre.

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One of the common reservations of having winter tyres fitted is the possible need for two sets of tyres and/or wheels (changing winter for summer in spring and vice versa) but it is worth considering that having all season tyres fitted can do away altogether the need for winter / summer wheel and tyre sets. An all season tyre falls somewhere in between the summer and winter products and so provides a reasonable compromise between the two.

We believe that regardless of what avenue you choose with summer, all season or winter tyres, your tyre condition is of the up most importance and ultimately, any tyre that is in good condition with a good depth of tread should out perform one that isn't. The greater the tread depth, the better your tyre is able to perform many of its duties to the best of its capabilities.

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You can use our tyre search facility below to search and order winter / all weather tyres for your car but if you are in any doubt as to which maybe the best option for you, please email one of the team for all of your winter / all season tyre needs or feel free to call us on 01467 621460.



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